Hi, I'm Joe and this is my  portfolio. 

I work as a designer and conceptioner on interdisciplinary projects in connection with creative product development. 

Field of Activity

As part of the creative industry, I develop tailor-made product concepts in addition to sophisticated design strategies for customers. In order to be able to offer holistic solutions, designers have to learn early on how to deal with unusual problems. That's my job.

Skill is key

As a designer, I have to demonstrate a wide repertoire of technical, social and analytical skills that help me to turn ideas into reality. I face development challenges with in-depth research,  strategic design approaches up to prototyping.

Challenge Accepted

The bigger a challenge gets, the more skills you need and the more passion and creativity is required. Due to the diversity of my studies, I can meet challenges at many levels. One of my biggest strengths is the ability to learn quickly.


In order to be able to deliver well founded design results, good thematic research is usually required. 

In order to integrate the knowledge gained into the project, the information must be evaluated.

When the project goals are determined and the requirements are clear, the design phase follows.


When the design is in place, the product is then implemented as a CAD model for further processing.

In this case, a video-animated product visualization follows to present all the functions and details.

While post production, the productclip is cut and provided with special effects.

Interestet in the results? 

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